Why are You Fake 

Fake? Never! And I’m just not talking about my jewelry. It’s authenticity of using real beads made from earth and passion keeps me grounded to my truth. I believe it’s important to stay true to yourself and that’s all it means. Stop lying, stop faking, stop being extra a f when it’s not even necessary. All the fluff done for show for people to “like” you is pointless when they don’t even know you.
Stop being fake. Let the actors and actresses play their roles and the sooner you recognize your truth, the sooner you breathe.



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Checking In
Getting the week started by being productive….so far. I’m working on some writings and I’m nervous about the ones I want to post they seem so dark and I really need a little light. So I sat down and started talking to myself. Click the link above. 

Apologizing to the One I Want Back…

I’ve thought about it and I’ve decided that it’s time to go back to my first love.

The one I actually said “I love you” to first. The one that everyone remembers me with as a union, a partnership….we were inseparable. When we parted ways it was hard on me, I was hurt, bitter and spiteful. The worst part was dealing with people who just didn’t understand how we could let one thing just tear us apart so easily. But it wasnt “easy”, blow-by-blow, we tried to repair the cracks that Life hit us with and failed…..miserably. The gut punches of trust lost, the slaps of insecurity, and the feeling of never being good enough added to the wear and tear of our relationship. The final blow that stole our last breath together away was completely my fault, putting the pen down and walking away was definitely on me. Without my pen i had nothing to say. Just as true love does it lingers and eats away at you and if its yours, truly meant to be, it comes back when everything else has abandoned you.

I had a family to feed when I walked away and I couldn’t see a future with him. I didn’t put the faith into us long enough to give it a chance for our relationship to work. At the first sign of doubt, I ran. Now I have nothing to lose. At least I apologized and put my feelings in the atmosphere to be possibly forgiven and reunited with my first love.

But how can you expect to be forgiven after walking away for so long?

It’s been hard without you, but this time I promise I won’t leave you again.

  Dear Writing, 

                                           You are my first love, my first everything. Without you I would                                                 literally be at a lost for words and myself. 


                                                                                                         I’ll Never Leave You Again

All Women Get There 

​It’s only so much a girl will take before she continues to put up with anything. She’ll try and compromise, she’ll try to understand, she’ll do whatever it is that needs to be done to make it work. But believe when her heart and mind finally agrees that enough is enough, don’t say she didn’t try. 


I’ll Be Married When We Meet Again

Hey Friends! <pronounced “Frans”>,

This morning I had an eye appointment with my long time family optometrist. My family and I have been going to this doctor for years and they have watched us all grow up from babies to babes. 😘

wp-1469661897023.jpgJust kidding.

So after I squeezed myself in this appointment last minute, it was so refreshing to be greeted with a warm smile from familiar faces. Talk about longevity with a job! The receptionist and I started to update my information, you know the basics.

Has my address changed?  “No.”

Has my insurance changed or stayed through same? “Yes blah blah blah.”

And here’s the punchline….

Are you still single? I answered with a very slow “yes”.😐

She keyed in the new information and I knew by the thickness in the air that she wasn’t done. ….

“Well that’s ok. I was just telling my daughter who is 27 that there’s still time”, the receptionist started. “I just meet this couple who came I  the office and she was 35, he was 32, and they just met and feel in love.”

“Yeah, see there’s still time for me and your daughter to find The One,” I said trying to ease to the waiting area.

She continued, ” Oh yes, they had a beautiful wedding in Hawaii and they just make the cutest couple, he reminds me of what’s that guy name from the soap opera that went to Criminal Minds?”

…..🤔 is she thinking Shemar Moore? Nah

“Oh I’m not sure, I can’t think of his name but you say he looks like the fine guy who wears the leather jacket, carries the gun, and crushes on Baby girl, right?”….still attempting to walk away, wondering why my daughter doesn’t try to save me with an interruption per usual.

“Sometimes Amy, it’s all about waiting for the right guy. Who cares your 30ish, that doesn’t mean anything anymore. It just gives you time to make marrying the one even better”, she said with a perfect smile.


Boy if I didn’t feel bad enough about turning 30, she sure helped me rub it in. Growing up in the south it is drilled in every girls core of existence that you must do these things in this order:

1.Graduate High school

2. Go to college….possibly to nursing school if not, become a teacher.

3. Get married, hopefully as a senior (if not, you can wait until you graduate)

4. Be a housewife but maintain your independence

5. Have babies, lots of babies.


That is it! I’m so serious. When I skipped over my “prime” years of getting married. Being a 30 year old  unmarried, single mom of one in Alabama is hard….SUPER HARD! The traditions here are very antiquated and days like this make you(me) wonder if I’ve missed something. I’m a hopeless romantic and I believe it love, it just hasn’t happened yet to change my last name. Sorry mum. …not sorry.

I can tell you this Best”fran”, it’s okay to wait until you’ve found the one that changes your life. It’s okay to be focused on making yourself a better person before you make a better relationship with someone else. It’s definitely okay to figure out how you are and what’s your purpose in this life.

Maybe when I got back for my next check up, I’ll have a story to tell her about my Hawaii or Shemar Moore. Who knows what’s in store for this single 30 year old mum of 1. Lol 😂

Side note…..Do you like my new specs? That was the main reason for going to the dr.



Why You SHOULD Act Now

​Friend! We made it to day 5!! Whoop whoop …I’m actually doing my happy dance right now. 

Step 5 is simple: Act on the NOW! 
Forget Yolo. That’s stupid, we both know we only live once but that doesn’t give us the time to act all crazy and forget where our priorities are. We are trying to build something here. We’re trying to make our lives the happiest they can be in the time that has been given to us. So ACT ON THE NOW, put all these steps into action and “do you honey”. 
It’s not hard. 
















What to do When You Worry Too much 

​Hey Friend! I didn’t forget about you. I’ve been thinking about the best way to show you Step 4, which is DON’T WORRY. 
I couldn’t think of any other way than to show you a picture of my baby with her her bowed. I’ve always felt that the more you worry about things, the larger they grow. When you just give it to Jesus and let go of your worries I assure you things will make sense. 

This week we’ve been through so many steps that today was meant for you to go all day without hearing from me so that you could look back on steps 1 through 3 and apply those to your day. I’m glad you’re off work, home with the kids, with a ton more to do. That’s the purpose of this post Friend!
Tonight, when the house is quiet and you’ve done everything to get ready for bed, find a quiet place and let it all go. Stop worrying about the crazy kids….they all act up sometimes. Stop worrying about your significant other….if they’re  meant for you things will get better. Stop worrying about you grades….just study more and give it 100% focus. Stop worrying about the house being a mess….Rome wasn’t cleaned in a day…🤔I think that’s what they say. Lol
Just LET GO & STOP WORRYING. Tomorrow will be an awesome day because it’s Friday and of course you have me as your Friend. Talk to you tomorrow 💋👑
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Why You Should Set Small Steps First 

Monday we wrote down our ultimate goal. So today let’s write some small steps that we can celebrate. Yesterday was about avoiding distractions and celebrating was one of them. What are you partying for or celebrating if you haven’t met your goals yet? 
Start small, it can be a simple steps like making a phone call to get information about something you’re researching. That’s a minimum of 5 minutes, you spent more time on social media trying to see how other people are “living”. A few happy post and money pictures don’t account for everything that goes on in their lives. You’re wasting time and losing focus. 
It’s okay Friend, I’ll help you.  We’re in this together and you got this. Small steps will grow into bigger steps, which will ultimately lead to surpassing that goal we talked about. It’s really that simple. I promise. 
So what small steps do you have in mind, that you should write down? 💋👑
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