Apologizing to the One I Want Back…

I’ve thought about it and I’ve decided that it’s time to go back to my first love.

The one I actually said “I love you” to first. The one that everyone remembers me with as a union, a partnership….we were inseparable. When we parted ways it was hard on me, I was hurt, bitter and spiteful. The worst part was dealing with people who just didn’t understand how we could let one thing just tear us apart so easily. But it wasnt “easy”, blow-by-blow, we tried to repair the cracks that Life hit us with and failed…..miserably. The gut punches of trust lost, the slaps of insecurity, and the feeling of never being good enough added to the wear and tear of our relationship. The final blow that stole our last breath together away was completely my fault, putting the pen down and walking away was definitely on me. Without my pen i had nothing to say. Just as true love does it lingers and eats away at you and if its yours, truly meant to be, it comes back when everything else has abandoned you.

I had a family to feed when I walked away and I couldn’t see a future with him. I didn’t put the faith into us long enough to give it a chance for our relationship to work. At the first sign of doubt, I ran. Now I have nothing to lose. At least I apologized and put my feelings in the atmosphere to be possibly forgiven and reunited with my first love.

But how can you expect to be forgiven after walking away for so long?

It’s been hard without you, but this time I promise I won’t leave you again.

  Dear Writing, 

                                           You are my first love, my first everything. Without you I would                                                 literally be at a lost for words and myself. 


                                                                                                         I’ll Never Leave You Again


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