Why You SHOULD Act Now

​Friend! We made it to day 5!! Whoop whoop …I’m actually doing my happy dance right now. 

Step 5 is simple: Act on the NOW! 
Forget Yolo. That’s stupid, we both know we only live once but that doesn’t give us the time to act all crazy and forget where our priorities are. We are trying to build something here. We’re trying to make our lives the happiest they can be in the time that has been given to us. So ACT ON THE NOW, put all these steps into action and “do you honey”. 
It’s not hard. 

















What to do When You Worry Too much 

​Hey Friend! I didn’t forget about you. I’ve been thinking about the best way to show you Step 4, which is DON’T WORRY. 
I couldn’t think of any other way than to show you a picture of my baby with her her bowed. I’ve always felt that the more you worry about things, the larger they grow. When you just give it to Jesus and let go of your worries I assure you things will make sense. 

This week we’ve been through so many steps that today was meant for you to go all day without hearing from me so that you could look back on steps 1 through 3 and apply those to your day. I’m glad you’re off work, home with the kids, with a ton more to do. That’s the purpose of this post Friend!
Tonight, when the house is quiet and you’ve done everything to get ready for bed, find a quiet place and let it all go. Stop worrying about the crazy kids….they all act up sometimes. Stop worrying about your significant other….if they’re  meant for you things will get better. Stop worrying about you grades….just study more and give it 100% focus. Stop worrying about the house being a mess….Rome wasn’t cleaned in a day…🤔I think that’s what they say. Lol
Just LET GO & STOP WORRYING. Tomorrow will be an awesome day because it’s Friday and of course you have me as your Friend. Talk to you tomorrow 💋👑
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Why You Should Set Small Steps First 

Monday we wrote down our ultimate goal. So today let’s write some small steps that we can celebrate. Yesterday was about avoiding distractions and celebrating was one of them. What are you partying for or celebrating if you haven’t met your goals yet? 
Start small, it can be a simple steps like making a phone call to get information about something you’re researching. That’s a minimum of 5 minutes, you spent more time on social media trying to see how other people are “living”. A few happy post and money pictures don’t account for everything that goes on in their lives. You’re wasting time and losing focus. 
It’s okay Friend, I’ll help you.  We’re in this together and you got this. Small steps will grow into bigger steps, which will ultimately lead to surpassing that goal we talked about. It’s really that simple. I promise. 
So what small steps do you have in mind, that you should write down? 💋👑
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What All Women Should Avoid by 30


●social media ●fake people ●shady friends ●dead end jobs ●unfocused spending ●celebrations(what are you celebrating?)●YOURSELF
Someone laughed when I told them I wasn’t available until 2017. I was VERY serious. I refuse to sit on the phone and have pointless monotone conversations about the weather. I have things to do, places to go, goals to surpass. 
Ladies, it’s not easy being a boss, a mom, an employee, a girlfriend, a wife, a sister,  a best friend, a student, a creative with a dream so big it doesn’t fit into anyone’s box type of woman. Those things that DON’T understand your sick work ethic will NOT work with your goals. 
Eliminate them, Avoid them and Carry on. 💋✊👑
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Why You Should Write Your Goals Down

​#1 If you have a goal….WRITE IT DOWN! 

Simple as that!
Stop thinking you can keep everything in your head. The mind is such a power tool we tend to over use it, which leads to taking it for granted. We just do too much during the day and let’s be honest, things happen that distract you from REMEMBERING that goal until it pops back up like a past time.
Let’s say you’re motivated by leaving your full time job to pursue your dream job as a #mua (make up artist). You work in a place that is far from where you want to be. You’re getting wrote up, going in late, just not giving that job your full attention. You keep talking about being this beat queen diva of the make up world but that’s all it is. You haven’t written down your goal to manifest what what you need to do to make that “beat queen diva move”. -YOU TRIED IT!
Stop waiting for your lack of focus to motivate you. 
Write it down everywhere you need to to remember why you wake up and put up with crazy things everyday.  💋
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Stay Tuned 💋

Why You Should Stop Planning Now

​There’s no way we’re going to be able to plan every moment, every step in our lives. So many of us see the ultimate goal, but get caught up in the “how”. You will waste vital time pushing around papers, researching what you already know, doubting yourself; If you know you need to do it, stop procrastinating and just start.  Do you really want to be THAT person that always has an excellent idea but NEVER executes them? 
“I think not, you  definitely tried it!”-(in my Tamar voice)
So because I love you and want your dreams to come true too, for the next 5 days I’m going to give you some really awesome tips (FREE)to make it happen. Stay tuned 💋

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Why You Really Can’t Sleep

​Sometimes I really want to scream! I do not understand some of these things people say or do. I really feel like I’m in a dome surrounded by a select few with common sense, but we’re outnumbered and surrounded by idiots. But they’re looking at us like we’re crazy?! 

You shouldn’t have to explain yourself to anyone if you are grown. Not “playing” grown, but actually grown. 

The process I take to make my dreams a reality doesn’t need your help unless it comes from love not fear. Fear will stop you from living. It may look crazy to you, and it should, because God gave ME the vision NOT you. If He would have given it to you too, I wouldn’t have to explain my actions. 

A part of me believes that if some people would just stop talking and open their eyes, they would see the bigger picture. Instead those people are plugged into some irrelevant post or person that’s not helping you. 

I truly believe that you feed your mind like you feed your body. The things you watch, hear, and read are food for your brain. Some of you are starving for more because of the “empty calories” you’re absorbing. 

When I start telling you I’m not available until 2017, don’t look at me crazy. It’s just my new diet… patent pending, top secret, seats taken unless we speak the truth language, we’re on the same page, not a social idiot, or dream killer, grown person diet. (I’ll think of a new name for the diet but you get it 😉)